Reviews and Ratings Report

We monitor reviews and ratings on 18 popular review sites like Yelp, Google Local, Facebook, Foursquare,, City Search, Superpages, etc. …

We create this report on a weekly or monthly basis to provide you with an update of important review site to identify any new reviews you have. We email you quickly about a review that was posted online so you can quickly act to fix the negative ones or thank a loyal customer for their positive review.

We provide a flowchart to show the growth in review and star rating and help you manage your online reputation with ease.

Our review report has interactive charts that let you monitor your review growth and star rating over time. We track each review site independently but also aggregate your online reviews and ratings to produce an average score.

We aggregate reviews across all sites and group them by star rating. This makes it easy to see your negative reviews so you can quickly reply or get them removed.

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