Process of removing reviews from Google.

The procedure with reviews is for you to flag the reviews that you think are spammy (by cursoring over the the posters name and select the flag). Once you have done that, wait for two weeks. And then contact support when they are not taken down and explain why they should be.

(The best way to contact support is to

-go to

-log into the dashboard

-select support from the upper left "hamburger" menu

-the Help Menu will appear to the right (scroll down if necessary)

-choose the most appropriate or available way to contact Google) )

That all being said Google does not arbitrate facts or decide on defamation. Those are issue that are left to the legal system. As such they may not act on the reviews unless they violate their review content policies.

If you have done all of the above let us know and we can possibly elevate these for additional review by Google. But again Google is not predisposed to take these down.

The laws in Australia are different than those in the US (here is it impossible to get these taken down) and if all else fails a conversation with a lawyer might be in order.

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