In Person Review Cheat Sheet

In Person Review Cheat Sheet


Follow these steps to get Google My Business reviews (this same in person strategy can be used to get any type of review) in less than 60 seconds using your customers phones when you or your staff are in front (in person) of your customer.


All you have to do is ask them for a review (75% of the time they will say yes [and if they don’t that is feedback and an opportunity to make your company better]) and 90% of the time they will not know how to leave a review on their phone.  


At that moment, all you need to do, is tell them that you can show them (literally take their phone in your hands) how to leave a review on their phone by following the steps below.  


Step 1 - Open up Google Maps (the process is similar to get a review on Safari browser, or Google Chrome browsers [you can see the animated GIF’s at the bottom of this])

Step 2 - Tap on the search bar

Step 3 - A. Type in your business name and city in the search bar.  

  1. select your business name from the drop down menu

Step 4 - Tap on your business

Step 5 - Scroll down to get to the stars (where you leave a review)

Step 6 - Tap on the star farthest to the right

Step 7 - A. Type in your review

  1. Get them to leave a photo (this really helps your business show up in search)
  2. Post the review

See the animated GIF below to see all the steps above together in real time

How to leave a Google My Business Review On Google Chrome browser


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